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Take a peek behind the scenes and ‘in the trenches’!

While many of our franchisees report no two days are exactly the same, Randall Hubin from Andover, MN shares a more or less typical day. Randall and his wife Sheryl are both very active in their restaurant, but also employ a full-time general manager in charge of day-to-day restaurant operations.


Getting the day started right

I usually get to the restaurant around 8:00 am. I take care of emails and review the reports from the previous day. There’s something really exciting to me, even after four years, about the beginning of the day in the restaurant. The chefs are busy in the kitchen, prepping for the day ahead, the dining room is sparkling clean waiting for our first guests to arrive.

My wife usually arrives a little later in the morning and spends time working on our bookkeeping and accounting. Like all franchisees, we use PR Financial to prepare our monthly P&L statements but we handle the accounts payable bookwork ourselves. The valuable information we receive from PR Financial helps us with our business planning, scheduling and inventory.


Marketing and community building

I spend a lot of time on marketing. I enjoy getting out into our community, meeting with local organizations and non-profits to see how we can help. My wife is responsible for managing our weekly Community Impact nights. Every Monday we host a different organization for an evening of sharing great food with friends and family, with a percentage of all sales donated to the organization at the end of the evening. My wife runs pre-event training to help them advertise their event and know what to expect over the course of the evening.

I typically try to work on the floor for at least one shift a week and I’m always willing to jump in and help if needed. I like talking to our guests and making sure they’re enjoying their experience and that we’re surpassing their expectations. I think it helps build our community connections for guests to see my wife and me as local business owners who are committed to our team and our guests.


Enjoying the flexibility of business ownership

We’re both typically home in the mid to late afternoon and are able to enjoy dinner together and spend time with our family and friends. Owning a restaurant is not a life of leisure, but we have the freedom and flexibility to make free time for what’s important to us.

My advice to prospective franchisees is to be prepared to go all in with Pizza Ranch®. It’s taken my family and me four years to get to where we are today. It’s been a labor of love though, and we’re looking forward to starting again with a second location.


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