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The total investment costs to open a Pizza Ranch® restaurant vary by project. The type and size of building (i.e. new build or retrofit an existing space), purchase/lease rates, and other variable costs influence your total investment.

Investment Cost

We estimate an initial investment range for retrofit/leased space is $1,125,000 – $1,565,000. Ground-up restaurants range between $1,700,000 – $2,525,000. Both options include a franchise fee of $30,000. Once your restaurant is open, you’ll be responsible for a 4% royalty fee and a 3% spend on marketing including a 2.25% contribution to the national marketing fund. You’ll likely need 15% – 25% of the total investment costs available in liquid cash assets and the ability to obtain financing on the balance of the investment.

Achieving Success

As for earnings, well, it’s difficult to give any one franchisee an exact projection for return on investment – there are a lot of variables. Looking into the past, we can tell you our most successful franchisees were those who trusted in our knowledge and experience, and who worked hard applying their own skills to extend the reach of our brand and mission. Your individual success as a franchisee is dictated by your willingness to put hours and effort into our proven system. What you could do, during the due diligence process, is talk with our existing franchisees about their earnings. Performing your due diligence is just one of the steps in our streamlined and efficient franchise awarding process.

Our Process

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