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A Growing Franchise: Why Franchise Owners Keep Investing in Pizza Ranch

The satisfaction of the Franchise Owners is a great way to gauge the quality a franchise opportunity. If the Franchise Owners are happy, that means they are likely seeing the ROI they were expecting, as well as enjoying their operating their business.

At Pizza Ranch, we make sure that our Franchise Owners have what they need to thrive with us. That’s why we consistently rank in the top 10% for Franchise Owner satisfaction, with scores that outpace the industry by 15%^.

It’s also why 60% of our new franchise agreements come from existing Franchise Owners. Simply put, our Franchise Owners can’t get enough of us, and they are continuing to invest in Pizza Ranch and grow their market. But what exactly makes Pizza Ranch such a hit with our Franchise Owners and a great franchise opportunity overall?

Here are some of the reasons why Franchise Owners keep investing in this growing franchise.

Top-Notch Training and Support

Whether you’re a seasoned Multi-Unit Franchise Owner or are just starting to invest in franchises, it’s important to have proper training and comprehensive support. To ensure that our Franchise Owners get up to speed on the ins and outs of running a Pizza Ranch location, we offer over 250 hours of training.

But our Franchise Owner support doesn’t stop after the grand opening. We also offer Pizza Ranch Financial Services, our in-house accounting team that helps Franchise Owners stay on top of their business to achieve financial health and monitor their performance. In addition, Franchise Owners can get their questions answered and receive continuous support from a dedicated team of experts who specialize in operations, marketing and more.

“The ongoing support is huge, and the corporate team looks out for your business,” – Tyler Sickles, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

Of course, another key part of Franchise Owner satisfaction is the financial rewards, of which Pizza Ranch has many.

Financial Rewards

Pizza Ranch makes for a great franchise opportunity because of our innovative menu and unique buffet-style offerings. With memorable comfort food and mouthwatering flavors that keep guests coming back, Franchise Owners can be confident that they’ll have a steady flow of traffic in and out of their restaurants.

With multiple revenue streams—dine-in, takeout, third-party delivery and drive-thru (select locations)—Franchise Owners can offer their guests their favorite food however they want it.

Franchise Owners can also enjoy the added financial benefits that accompany the addition of a FunZone Arcade to their location. FunZone Arcades have low operating costs and are a great revenue booster, as they attract families and drive group bookings. In fact, Pizza Ranch locations with a FunZone Arcade have a 23% EBITDAR.

“It’s just fun,” says Multi-Unit Franchise Owner Branon Pratt on having a FunZone Arcade in his Pizza Ranch. “It gives so much energy to the crew, guests and restaurant environment. We’re a restaurant and an entertainment center. It’s the best of both worlds. We’re trying to be a place with delicious and craveable food and a great place to spend time with your family—and we knock it out of the park.”

Alignment on Mission and Values

It’s also important that Franchise Owners can feel pride in the brands they are invested in. As a mission-driven franchise that aims to give back to the communities we serve, Pizza Ranch makes for a great investment for Franchise Owners who share our values.

We’re always aiming to build more relationships, which includes partnerships with 5,400 different groups—from schools and civic organizations to other local businesses and churches. Each year, Pizza Ranch donates over $1.1M to organizations across the country from our Community Impact Fundraising Events. 

“(Founder) Adrie Groeneweg’s vision and impact on the world is what attracted me to the franchise. Giving back to the community is huge and aligns with my morals,” says Franchise Owner Mike Christianson on why he chose to invest in Pizza Ranch.

With 214 restaurants across 15 states and 40 years of sales growth, Pizza Ranch continues to succeed thanks to our hardworking Franchise Owners. 

But we’re not done yet. There are ample markets available for people like you to invest.

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^FBR 3rd party survey, September 2019

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