Pizza Ranch Celebrates Manager Of The Year: Katie Stanley

West Point, NE — Pizza Ranch is proud to announce that Katie Stanley, manager of the West Point, NE Pizza Ranch location, has been honored with the prestigious Pizza Ranch Manager of the Year Award. This award recognizes outstanding leadership, exceptional service, and dedication to the Pizza Ranch mission of providing legendary food and legendary service.

Katie Stanley has been a part of the Pizza Ranch family since the age of 16, consistently demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence. Under her leadership, the West Point location has thrived, becoming a beloved community hub known for its delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, and top-notch customer service.

“Katie took on challenges just like she lives her whole life, with determination, attention to detail, a few tears, humility and heart,” said Harlyn Vander Griend, Owner of the West Point Pizza Ranch. “She works hard at building relationships with employees, customers, members of the community and her family.”

The Manager of the Year Award is given to individuals who exemplify the highest standards of management, including exceptional operational performance, strong leadership skills, and a positive impact on their community. Katie has excelled in all these areas, fostering a culture of teamwork and excellence that has led to outstanding customer satisfaction and impressive business growth.

In addition to leading the restaurant to new heights, Kaite is also known for her involvement in local community initiatives. This commitment to making a positive impact has further endeared Katie to both guests and team members alike.

Congratulations to Katie Stanley, wife to Mike, mother to Paisley, Zoey and Cash and the Pizza Ranch Manager of the Year.

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