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Meet the team behind Pizza Ranch®.

With many combined years of industry experience, our leaders are restaurant business veterans deeply committed to our brand, our vision and our mission. This means you’ll receive dedicated and attentive support from day one and throughout your franchise journey.

  • Adrie Groeneweg Pizza Ranch President and Founder

    Adrie Groeneweg

    President & Founder

    As president and founder of Pizza Ranch, Inc., Adrie has led the company from the opening of the very first restaurant in Hull, Iowa in December, 1981 to the franchising of 190+ restaurants in thirteen states with an annual volume of over $200M.

    A true entrepreneur, Adrie casts the vision and puts the resources in place to make it happen. He understands the key to Pizza Ranch’s continued success is each restaurant’s commitment to providing a legendary guest experience on each and every visit. Couple that with a focused effort on the success of each franchisee, and you can see why the future is bright for Pizza Ranch.

  • Jon Moss

    Sr. Vice President & Chief Brand Officer

    Jon's role is to help in leading Pizza Ranch to continue being successful and sustainable. He works directly with Pizza Ranch’s Franchisee Advisory Council to push forward the franchisees most important ideas. He also provides guidance and direction to our Culinary and IT Departments. As Pizza Ranch’s Chief Brand Officer he oversees all aspects of Pizza Ranch’s advertising and marketing efforts while guiding the team members within the Marketing Department.

    Jon joined Pizza Ranch, Inc. in June, 2000 as assistant to the marketing director. In February, 2003 he was named as brand director and in January, 2009 was named chief operating officer. In April, 2018, he was named sr. vice president and chief brand officer. He received a B.A. degree in mass communications from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. His past work experience includes employment at the Pizza Ranch restaurant in Rock Rapids, Iowa from 1999 - 2000.

  • Ryan Achterhoff Pizza Ranch

    Ryan Achterhoff

    Chief Administrative Officer

    In his role as chief administrative officer since January, 2009, Ryan ensures Pizza Ranch has a sound operating environment by managing its compliance with key legal requirements as well as the development and implementation of best practices. Ryan joined Pizza Ranch, Inc. in February, 2002 as the vice president of operations. He received a B.A. degree in Business/Economics from Northwestern College, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Dakota and a Graduate Degree in Banking from the Stonier School of Banking at Georgetown University.

    His past work experience includes 14 years in Sales & Marketing Management for K-Products, a major promotional apparel manufacturer, and 5 years in bank management and commercial lending for Iowa State Bank, an Iowa-based banking institution. Ryan’s background and expertise in both the areas of finance and marketing has allowed him to contribute in various ways at both a corporate and restaurant level.

  • Mark Souba

    Chief Development Officer

    As chief development officer, Mark is responsible for franchise development and expanding the 'footprint' of Pizza Ranch. Additionally, he is responsible for projects that will drive growth for Pizza Ranch. His role encompasses project leadership, strategic planning, sales leadership and execution.

    Mark joined Pizza Ranch in July, 2018. Mark's prior experience includes 22 years with Coca-Cola.

  • Scott Groeneweg

    Chief Profitability Officer

    Scott joined Pizza Ranch as general manager of the Orange City Pizza Ranch in 1991. He moved into the role of franchise consultant in 1996 and in 2006 he was named director of field operations. In this role he led and directly supported the franchise business consultant team. In April, 2018, Scott became chief profitability officer.

    In his present role, Scott directs a cross-functional team focused on delivering best practice operations and profit enhancing programs to our restaurants. Holding a degree in marketing management from Northwest Iowa Community College, Scott’s expertise is a valuable asset to Pizza Ranch, Inc. as his experience and perspective also includes being a franchisee of a number of Pizza Ranch restaurants.

  • Perry Krosschell Pizza Ranch

    Perry Krosschell

    Chief Vision Officer

    Perry joined Pizza Ranch, Inc. in January, 2010 serving as the chief vision officer. Serving as a resource to all those in the Pizza Ranch family, Perry assists in leadership development, spiritual support, training and equipping, and intentional relationship building.

    Perry holds a B.A. degree in religion from Northwestern College and a master’s degree in counseling from the University of South Dakota. His past work experience includes 11 years in the Residence Life and Admissions departments at the collegiate level, 10 years in the public relations field, as well as 28 years of coaching both college and high school football.

  • Scott Schell Pizza Ranch

    Scott Schell

    Chief Relations Officer

    Scott has been with Pizza Ranch since June, 1992 and has held various roles in the operations and construction departments. In his current role as chief relations officer, Scott oversees, consults with and mediates the franchise relations environment, representing Pizza Ranch, Inc. with franchisees, vendors and community leaders. Scott continues to lead Pizza Ranch in its Vision, Mission and strategic plans.

  • Jeff Van Schepen Pizza Ranch

    Jeff Van Schepen

    Vice President of Business

    Possessing a deep understanding of what makes Pizza Ranch successful and never willing to stop at “good enough", Jeff started his Pizza Ranch career in 1991 as manager of the Hull, Iowa Pizza Ranch. He continued in that role until December, 2002 while also working part-time for Pizza Ranch, Inc. as new franchisee trainer and as product developer. In January, 2003 Jeff was named director of purchasing and in July, 2003 was named director of operations. He moved into his current role as vice president of business in January, 2008. Jeff graduated from Northwest Iowa Community College with a degree in business market managing in 1991.

    Jeff’s unique perspective has been developed, in part, by his active partnership as a franchisee in a number of Pizza Ranch restaurants.

  • Dean Kooima

    Vice President of Finance

    Dean’s early Pizza Ranch career started in 1992 as a high school student working as a dishwasher in the Hull, Iowa Pizza Ranch. He enjoyed various positions there throughout college. Upon graduation from Dordt College with a B.A. degree in accounting and business administration in 1998, he joined Pizza Ranch, Inc. as financial analyst. Since that time Dean has seen the chain triple in size. Dean also holds a CPA certificate from the AICPA.

    Dean is responsible for the financial matters of Pizza Ranch, Inc. and its subsidiaries. He works with the accounting department to ensure timely, accurate financial and payroll reports. Dean continuously drives the growth and profitability of the chain by working closely with each department head and franchisee. His biggest joy comes from seeing franchisees achieve their personal goals.

  • Scott Post Pizza Ranch

    Scott Post

    Chief Operating Officer

    With responsibilities of operations, training and process improvement, Scott and his team work to improve Pizza Ranch systems and processes, as well as train and coach Franchisees, Managers and the restaurant teams. Scott joined Pizza Ranch in the fall of 2014 as the director of continuous improvement, began leading the training department in 2016, and the operations teams in early 2018 when he was named chief operating officer. Prior to Pizza Ranch, Scott worked for Pella Windows as a continuous improvement engineer, where he practiced and honed his skills in lean and processes improvement. Scott currently serves as the board chair of the Siouxland Lean Consortium. After serving four years with the United States Marine Corps, he received a B.S. degree from Iowa State University in industrial, manufacturing, and systems engineering. Scott’s passion is lean and continuous improvement and he is excited to be leading Pizza Ranch on a journey towards excellence.

  • Marilyn Mayberry

    Director of Franchise Development

    Marilyn joined Pizza Ranch, Inc. in March, 2008 as director of franchise development, where her passion for the Pizza Ranch brand is conveyed to franchisee candidates as they move through the franchise discovery process. Helping candidates understand the opportunity and make informed business decisions while helping them achieve their financial and personal goals is at the core of her role.

    Marilyn’s prior experience includes over 20 years of sales/management experience with Wells’ Dairy, Inc. /Blue Bunny and with Bristol-Myers Squibb. Marilyn is a graduate of Iowa State University with a B.S. degree and holds M.S. degrees from both the University of North Florida and Drake University.

  • Michael Eggert Pizza Ranch

    Michael Eggert

    Director of Real Estate

    Joining Pizza Ranch, Inc. in May, 2009 as director of real estate, Mike provides leadership and direction in the critical area of site selection. Working closely with franchisees throughout the process of researching and securing a location, which is integral to the continued success of the Pizza Ranch, Inc. franchise system.

    Mike’s extensive experience includes twelve years with Aldi Inc. as district manager in operations and director of real estate in new market development for Minnesota markets. He holds a B.A. degree in political science from the University of Iowa.

  • Rory Larsen Pizza Ranch

    Rory Larsen

    Director of Construction

    Joining Pizza Ranch, Inc. in February of 2012 as director of construction, Rory provides leadership and direction in the construction phase of each Pizza Ranch project. Working closely with franchisees throughout the city process, design and bid phase, Rory's team is essential to the continued success of the Pizza Ranch, Inc. franchise system.

    Rory's experience includes five years with Farmers Coop Society as manager of the How-To Building Center in Sioux Center, IA.

  • Kyle Schuiteman Pizza Ranch

    Kyle Schuiteman

    Director of Information Technology

    As director of information technology, Kyle directs, leads, and manages the technical infrastructure and communication technology systems to provide effective and efficient support for operations. Joining Pizza Ranch, Inc. in November, 2005, Kyle’s previous experience includes 11 years as information technology manager with a premier leader in beef reproductive and research technologies. Kyle is a graduate of Iowa State University with a B.S. degree.

  • John Vander Stelt Pizza Ranch

    John Vander Stelt

    Creative Director

    Responsible for the creative development, design and production of the Pizza Ranch brand in conjunction with the marketing strategies, John brings over 25 years of graphic design experience to his role as creative director.

    Joining Pizza Ranch in December 2007, John’s prior experience includes the creative services division of Staples, Inc. John is also an accomplished fine artist with award-winning work in public and private collections throughout the country.

  • Kim Jamer Pizza Ranch

    Kim Jamer

    Director of Food Safety

    Kim joined Pizza Ranch, Inc. in May, 2016. Kim got her start in the restaurant business at fourteen, and has worked as a chef, public health inspector, environmental consultant, and a food safety expert for state, local, and federal agencies. Before joining the Pizza Ranch team, she led the food safety team at Famous Dave’s.

    Kim is accountable for managing food safety across the entire Pizza Ranch restaurant food supply chain and restaurant operations. This includes developing programs, processes and systems to provide safe, legendary experiences for our guests and operators. Kim is focused on keeping the Pizza Ranch brand, guests, operators, and food safe and working with others to develop a culture to always do the right thing when it comes to food safety at all levels, from farm to table. Kim earned her associates of science degree in culinary arts from Johnson and Wales, and her bachelors and masters of science degrees in environmental management from the University of Maryland.

  • Sean Landrum Pizza Ranch

    Sean Landrum

    Culinary Research & Development Director

    Sean joined Pizza Ranch in March, 2017 as Culinary Manager. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Scottsdale as well as holding a BS degree from Sparks College, Sean focuses on keeping the Pizza Ranch menu current, delicious and exciting. Committed to using the best, freshest ingredients and developing proprietary recipes that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else, Sean also works closely with the purchasing and food safety departments to ensure competitively-priced, quality ingredients.

    Sean’s previous experience includes Culinary Manager for Growler U.S.A. as well as VP of Operations for Black Angus Grill.


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